CASTELLON, SPAIN – Registered attendees of the upcoming Qualicer 2012 gathering, set for February 13 to 14 in Castellon, Spain, have the opportunity to take the “Ceramic Inkjet Printing Technology” course.

The course, given in English, is aimed at technicians from the international ceramic sector (frit, glaze, and pigment producers, ceramic tile manufacturers, machinery builders). It will take place on the weekend before QUALICER 2012, which also includes a monographic session about inkjet technology

According to Qualicer, “Recent years have witnessed a technological revolution in the decoration of ceramic tiles as a result of the introduction of inkjet technology. The technique's initial constraints have been progressively overcome and it currently provides numerous advantages in the manufacture of both small and very large lots.”

Further, the course will examine each stage of the work flow involved in producing decorated ceramic tiles with this new digital technology, from the initial design proposal to the obtainment of the final printed tile. The course will also cover the fundamental operating features of the print heads, the influence of the inks in obtaining appropriate registers, and the main characteristics of the existing machines. For more information,