CROSSVILLE, TN -- With consistent colors and hand-cut looks, Origins Glass from Crossville is its latest manufactured glass tile design. Twenty colors are available in five color collections -- Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Universe -- in four colorways each, along with a blended selection. The colors range from light and ethereal to saturated and dramatic, yet all incorporate a hint of iridescence and swirl.

Origins is made of post-consumer recycled glass. Small 1x1- or 2x2-inch mosaics are face-mounted on 12x 12-inch sheets. Additionally, Origins comes in 1x2-inch offset mosaics for creating unique patterns. The pre-mixed blends come in 1x 1-inch mosaics on 12x 12-inch sheets.

With every purchase of Origins Glass, Crossville donates to The Common Thread for a Cure, a non-profit organization offering support to families impacted by breast cancer.