Stone & Pewter Accents has created a state-of-the-art mosaic glass tile collection named "Agate," with a look similar to natural layered silica created by volcanic stone formations. Not surprisingly, the Agate glass series is created via a similar process, where molten silica is hand-poured resulting in unique variations and variegations reminiscent of naturally formed stone.

Agate is offered in two finishes, iridescent Pearl and matte Silk. The collection includes the new "Martini" shape, which in the words of designer Carl Steadly, "has an interesting hexagonal shape that at first glance, looks like a martini shaker." Tiles are produced using a multi-stream process of combining both transparent and opaque glass with an iridescent surface. This process results in bursts of color that actually change based upon the way light strikes each individual tile's surface.

Using glass, inert mineral components and being paper-faced mounted, "Agate" maximizes bond strength and is comprised of completely environmentally friendly materials. "Agate" is available in 14 colors, including naturally occurring blue and green tones, with names inspired by Italian cities.