MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Zepol Corp. reports that U.S. import shipment volume for November, measured in TEUs, decreased 2.12% from October and increased 0.17% from November of 2010. The total number of inbound shipments decreased 1.73% from October and increased 0.27% from November of last year. Year to date, total TEUs are up 1% this year over last year, Zepol says.

Key Statistics from this Month’s Update:
  • Imports from China decreased for the third consecutive month in November, while imports from Indonesia increased for the second consecutive month. TEU imports from Europe decreased over 3% from October to November, mostly due to lower imports from Germany, Belgium, and Spain. South America, on the other hand, posted an increase in TEUs of nearly 4% from October; a key contributor to the increase was Brazil, which saw an 8% increase.
  • Imports into the Port of Los Angeles decreased over 6% while imports into the Port of Long Beach increased over 14% from October. Of the top 10 U.S. ports for November, four posted increases from October.
  • Maersk Line, the number one master carrier, decreased inbound TEU imports by 5% from October to November, after posting a 13% jump in the previous month. Mediterranean Shipping Company, ranked second, saw imports rise for the third consecutive month.

Zepol’s data is derived from Bills of Lading entered into the Automated Manifest System. This information represents the number of House manifests entered by importers of waterborne containerized goods. This is the earliest indicator for trade data available for the previous month’s import activity. The data excludes shipments from empty containers, excludes shipments labeled as freight remaining on board, and may contain other data anomalies.