Expanko Inc., a manufacturer of cork and rubber resilient flooring materials, has acquired FritzTile, a manufacturer of flexible terrazzo tile products. The product line will now be known as FritzTile by Expanko Inc. This announcement was made by Expanko partners Paul DeJulius, ceo and Randy Gillespie, svp sales & marketing. Financial terms were not disclosed.

According to Gillespie, “Our acquisition of FritzTile continues our pledge to build a collection of products which are safe materials for living and work environments. Expanko has become known for supplying responsibly manufactured environmentally-safe materials. FritzTile fits this template with a product that has low emissions, does not burn, lasts for the life of the project and contributes positively to a safe working environment.”

The actual negotiating process took four months prior to the final sale. Some Expanko representatives already have been selling the FritzTile line, as both full product collections are focused on the specification market.  Expanko will maintain the FritzTile name as an independent brand and continue to build that brand with the sales network it currently has in place.

“FritzTile is a natural complement to the expansive offering of green products by Expanko, adding greater design and performance options for the specifier,” stated Gillespie. “All the benefits of using FritzTile blend with the basic business practices of Expanko; products must provide a benefit to the living and working environment.”

Regarding commercial sales of FritzTile, the firm will focus upon the Architectural & Design specification market. From a specific industry standpoint, a continued focus on Healthcare and Schools & Universities will provide the basis of all marketing efforts.

“The acquisition of FritzTile by Expanko will assure the continued availability and design development of the best terrazzo tile available on the market today,” concluded Gillespie. “Production will remain in Dallas, Texas. Inventory locations will be evaluated for East and West coast distribution points. For the time being, the comprehensive product line will remain the same, but will be evaluated for improvements in color, contrast and new visuals.”