DALLAS, TX -- Dal-Tile Corp. says it is responding to the increased demand of mobile products by offering a suite of digital tools designed to provide easier access to information and inspiration.

Two of Dal-Tile’s newest tools include a mobile catalog for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and the Inspiration Gallery app for iPhone and iPad. “The new tools are a direct response to the growing demand among the tile industry for online and mobile friendly tools to assist with product selection, provide access to detailed product information and offer increased design support 24 hours a day,” said the company.

The mobile catalog, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, brings Dal-Tile’s breadth of product and service offerings to the palm of your hand -- allowing quick reference and product selection.

The iPhone and iPad Inspiration Gallery Apps aggregate the creative visions inspired by Dal-Tile products, offering a portfolio of room scenes. For more information, visit:Daltile.com/mobileandwww.AmericanOlean.com/mobile.