CASTELLON, SPAIN -- Registration for Qualicer 2012, the biennial forum for sharing knowledge and innovation within the global ceramic sector, is now open.

The event, which will take place February 13 to 14 in Castellon, Spain, brings together resources and speakers from the around the world to address many aspects of ceramic tile, including its quality, process and installation, as well as “the quality of every element involved in the complex network of the ceramic business world,” said its organizers.

Over the course of the two-day event, the technical committee will address a myriad of topics, including:
  • Innovative applications of ceramics in building restoration
  • Minimizing tile cracking at movement joints
  • Development of fixing system for ventilated façades with low thickness porcelain tile
  • The role of ceramic tiles in the new system of sustainable development
  • Prospective analysis and design of new products based on the reusability and recycling of ceramic by-products
  • Contribution of the ventilated façade to building energy demand
  • Refreshing architectural spaces by means of large-sized vertical ceramic panels
  • Ventilated façades
  • New uses of ceramics in wet areas
For more information and to register, visit Qualicer’s home page