Jenn-Column-Pic-2012_body.jpgFrom Surfaces to Cevisama to Coverings, the first part of 2012 has definitely kept me busy (and earned me quite a few frequent flyer miles). Now that I have the opportunity to reflect on the numerous displays I saw in the various exhibition halls, I can honestly say that it is evident tile manufacturers have made a commitment to producing high-quality, innovative products.

It can’t be denied that wood-look tile is a hot trend right now. High-Definition Digital Technology allows for authentic graining that simulates the appearance of natural hardwood surfaces. The same technology is also being used to create tile that mimics stone and fabric. Compared to even a few years ago, it is apparent that the manufacturing technology has come a long way.

Green Building is also clearly at the forefront today, and it is apparent that tile manufacturers are developing products with that in mind. Many tile collections are now made with recycled content and tile manufacturers are adhering to environmentally friendly practices in their production processes.

And I should mention that in addition to all the tile lines, manufacturers of tile installation/maintenance products are also promoting green brands. With both these sectors committed to green building, it can only lead to more sustainable designs.

We want TILE Magazine to be your industry source for the latest developments in the tile industry. With this in mind, we have included several product sections in this issue where you can view some of the newest introductions. Look to the Product Showcase on page 12, a complete Coverings Review beginning on page 30, which also includes a small sampling of products, a look at some products from Brazilian manufacturers on display at Revestir on page 34, and a Tile Underlayment Guide beginning on page 42.

Our staff continues to dedicate ourselves to making TILE as informative as possible. One new development that we are excited to share is the redesign of TILE’s Web site. The new site, located at, will be more user-friendly and interactive. It will allow us to post large images of new products, slide shows and videos. We will also be offering Web exclusive articles and daily industry news reports. As of press time, a tentative launch date has been set for Wednesday, May 30, 2012. Be sure to check it out!

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