QEP Co., Inc.'s"No Spin Mixing Bucket" is a unique tool as the only self-contained bucket that prevents the movement of a bucket while mixing thin set, grout or any viscous material. The distinctive notch design built into the bottom of the patented"No Spin Mixing Bucket"provides a stable platform for faster mixing, without the worry of bruising caused by a traditional spinning bucket. 
no spin mixing bucket 300x300

By simply standing on the pipe or hose, you no longer have to squeeze the bucket with your feet and knees, or stand on the bucket, to prevent spinning. The bottom of the bucket has a molded 1-1/2-inch channel and is designed to fit many job site items including furring strip, hose, PVC pipe, rebar, etc. With a 5-gallon capacity and its heavy-duty plastic, it is able to withstand any tough construction environment.