CHICAGO, IL --USG Corp., a leading building products manufacturer, delivered a free truckload of USG tile and flooring products to Glen Distributing, winner of its " Buy a Truckload, Win a Truckload" contest on June 13, 2012 in Grand Junction, CO.
Glen Distributing of Grand Junction

Glen Distributing of Grand Junction, CO, was the winner of USG Corp.'s "Buy a Truckload, Win a Truckload" content.

USG launched its "Buy a Truckload, Win a Truckload," promotion in late January to reward distributors for placing a truckload order of USG tile and flooring installation products. For every truckload purchased, distributors earned a chance to win one truckload of assorted USG products (up to the value of $12,000).

Glen Distributing was selected as the contest winner during a drawing at 2012 Coverings, which was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, this past April.

"We didn't think that a small company like Glen Distributing would compete with all the entries big distributors could get," said Kevin Hansen, Owner/Purchaser of Glen Distributing. "We weren't expecting it, but when we heard, we were really excited. This promotion is going to allow us to give back to our employees who worked hard without bonuses for the last couple of years. We will be spreading it out to them."

USG hosted a morning reception at Glen Distributing on June 13 to celebrate the arrival of the truck, and the partnership with Glen Distributing.

"At USG, we take great pride in giving back to customers like Glen Distributing who help us to continually improve our products and services," said Scott Crandall, Business Manager at USG Substrates and Specialty Division.

Included on the truckload were industry-leading USG tile and flooring products such as Durock® Cement Board, Durock Tile Membrane, Fiberock® Tile Backerboard and FiberockK® Underlayment.