Mount Prospect, IL --Bosch Power Toolsis celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its industry leading tool repair service,RapidRepair. Launched in 2002, RapidRepair can be found in a network of more than 700 service locations throughout the U.S., making it easy and convenient for Bosch customers to utilize the company's unmatched repair services.


RapidRepair is the only power tool repair service to offer a five-day guarantee, ensuring each customer's tool will be repaired or replaced within five days or the service is free of charge.


As the most robust service program in the industry, Bosch has made improvements to its RapidRepair partner offerings since its launch, including the UPS Campus Ship System, an easy-to-do business with process that reduces administrative activity and costs while offering substantial freight pricing benefits.

Bosch's RapidRepair service also out-performs competitors with MaxVantagePro, a not-to-exceed pricing system that guarantees customers will never over-pay for a repair.


Under MaxVantagePro, the repair cost is capped approximately half of the tool's replacement price so you'll never overpay for your repair. And, if a Bosch tool can't be economically repaired at the MaxVantagePro price, the company will replace it with a reconditioned tool so that customers are guaranteed a working tool back in their hand within five days. The MaxVantagePro system also offers customers a one-year repair warranty, four times the standard repair warranty of 90 days.