MK Diamond is proud to announce the launch of their Web site for mobile The site contains MK Diamond’s entire catalog, including product specifications, manuals and online buying links, all in a mobile device friendly format.
MK diamond new website

MK Diamond has launched a mobile Web site containing their catalog, manuals and online buying links. 


The site is easy to navigate and is convenient for retail shoppers as well as MK Diamond distributors. The “New Products” tab is available to check out MK Diamond’s most recent products, from blades to saws to the innovative Higgins Jig. The “Merchandising” link on the mobile site home page will provide distributor information on all current bulk blades and merchandising items in the MK product line.

MK Diamond is also implementing a smart phone compatible QR code on all saws in the product line. If a user needs detailed information about procedures or troubleshooting, they may simply scan the QR code on the saw using any QR code reader application for instant access to the Owner’s Manual and Parts List section of the MK mobile website.

“Easy access to MK Diamond products and information is the reason for the mobile site. Our full line of diamonds blades is available to ensure our customers have the information to make the right choices for the application on their jobsite. Customers no longer have to look for lost or misplaced manuals with the use of the QR code on our saws. This is a new form of customer service we are offering,” said Brian Delahaut, Vice President.

MK Diamond Products, Inc. has been American-owned since 1868 and is continually evaluating and developing technologies to produce the best equipment in the market. Efficiency, power, safety and durability are keystones to all MK Diamond products. To visit MK Diamond’s mobile website, go to from any web-enabled or smart phone.