AKRON, OH --National Applied Construction (NAC) Products, Inc. has released a 2013 calendar, "Classic Vehicles from the Tile Industry," as a way of commemorating its 30th year in businesss.

"I have met and worked with a lot of people in the tile industry over the last 30 years that collect, restore and showcase classic cars," said Company Founder, President and CEO Tom Duvé. "I thought it would be pretty cool if we could combine two things that I am very passionate about -- the tile industry and classic cars -- and we came up with the calendar as a way of commemorating our anniversary and also showcasing a very popular hobby with people in the industry."

The 13-month calendar kicks off with a Holiday greeting from the month of December 2012 and a brief note explaining the commemoration. Each subsequent month features a classic vehicle from someone within the tile industry and also highlights a different NAC product offering. The calendar also includes the dates of many industry related trade shows, such as Surfaces and Coverings.

"We solicited photos from people in the industry and narrowed the choices down to nine cars, two farm tractors and a pickup truck," said Vice President of Operations Brian Petit. "Participation from all over the industry is what really makes this calendar unique. Plus, we are able to raise our brand awareness while providing a tool that is sharp looking and useful year-round."