In an effort to stay up to date in the newest of technology advances, StonePeak Ceramics is continuously striving for a more efficient, "greener" manufacturing processes. WIth a goal to use less energy and water and to produce less waste, StonePeak has unveiled the next generation in their manufactured porcelain that are greener from its content to production and shipping.

The company has announced that they have created a new formula utilizing raw virgin materials to produce an "all around" USA-made greener product with higher pre- and post-consumer recycled content values. 

StonePeak's new product generation will feature a reduced thickness to approximately 8 mm (1/3 inch), recycled paper for all packaging, reduced average weight for boxes and post-consumer recycled content of 6%. The new products of this standard will be identified by a new shade code which begin with the letter E (i.e. E55 7).