SAN JOSE, CA --Fireclay Tile is delighted to announce the launch of its first designer tile collection. Fireclay Tile collaborated with renowned eco-designerKelly LaPlanteto create "The Runway Collection", inspired by centuries of iconic fashion design-from the tried-and-true houndstooth pattern to the controversial corsets worn by generations of women. 
fireclay tile

Fireclay Tile has launched its all new ceramic eco-tile line, "The Runway Collection." The line is inspired by iconic fashion designs. Shown here is Chaine Femme.  

The patterns -- Cravat, Corset, Chaine Homme and Chaine Femme -- are each available in any of Fireclay's 224 vibrantly hued, lead-free, all-natural ceramic glaze colors. In keeping with Fireclay Tile's sustainable reputation, The Runway Collection is available on either the Debris Series Recycled Tileor Vitrail Series Handmade Tileclay bodies. Tile is ordered per square foot, and blends are available in a maximum of three glaze colors.

"These tiles are like couture -- meant to turn heads and spark conversation," said LaPlante. Fireclay Tile and LaPlante first began their relationship in 2005. While designing clients' homes in Los Angeles, CA, LaPlante was frustrated at the limited selection for U.S. manufactured tiles using recycled materials. After discovering Fireclay Tile, LaPlante began specifying the product in many of her projects, and started to do some custom design work with the line. After visiting Fireclay's factory in Aromas, CA, LaPlante, who is the founder and Editorial Director of Standard Magazine, published a behind-the-scenes feature story about Fireclay. Shortly thereafter, the idea was hatched for the two to work together on a new line, which was the impetus for "The Runway Collection".

Chaine Femme was born from the images of interlocking chains in jewelry, watches and belts of classic women's collections and Chaine Homme is the masculine version of this same idea. Corset was inspired, of course, by corsets as well as the lace-ups on espadrilles and other dramatic footwear. Cravat (French for "necktie") is an interpretation of the houndstooth pattern, which LaPlante touts as "the most classic of all patterns, transcending both gender and trends throughout the ages".