As the leading enterprise in the Turkishceramicssector, the Kale Group'sgoal is to carry its success in the domestic market out into world markets. To this end, the company has added another major link in its chain of stores outside of Turkey. Reaching the four corners of the world with its Çanakkale Seramik, Kalebodur, Kalekim and Kale Brands, Kale Group has brought the number of its showrooms abroad up to 13 with its new store in Hong Kong, China, the most important commercial center of the Asia-Pacific region.
Kale Group
With a global outreach in the tile market, the Turkish ceramic tile manufacturer, Kale has expanded into another region of the world, opening a showroom in Hong Kong, China. 

Acting with its goal to match local dynamics by growing in international markets and balancing domestic and international sales, Kale Group, after its stores in Frankfurt-Giessen (Germany), Sassuolo (Italy), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Baghdad, Erbil (Iraq), Baku (Azerbaijan), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Tripoli (Libya), Beirut (Lebanon), and Girne (Kyrenia), Magosa (Farmagusta) (TRNC), has added Hong Kong (China) to the important world commercial centers in which the Group has opened stores.

Stating that as Europe's third and the world's 12th biggest ceramic tiles manufacturer, the company has taken some important steps in recent years with new products and renewed sales points, İhsan Karagöz, Kale Group Construction Products Group Vice President responsible for Marketing, explained, "In order to strengthen our position in different parts of the world within the framework of our globalizing scheme, we have speeded up our efforts to open up stores in countries where there is a significant ceramics market. Our goal is to carry our market structure and operations in Turkey into export markets, starting first with strategic ones. By increasing the depth of our consumer and market concepts in the international arena, we have drawn up a road map to help us implement our plans of action. We are going to make the Kale Group brands Çanakkale Seramik and Kalebodur the world brands of Turkey in the ceramic bathroom products sector."

Pointing out that although the company has been selling to Europe on a large scale for many years now, business cycles and growth opportunities have caused the company to focus more on the markets of the Middle and Far East, İhsan Karagöz continues to say: "The showroom we opened in Hong Kong is an extension of these plans. It is particularly very important for us to position Kale Group, especially in promising far and distant points, so that we can both achieve sales and understand the markets a little more."

Kale Group has 250 distribution points in Turkey and exports its products to more than 400 sales points in 100 countries. The company has introduced a new change in the concept of retailing based on a series of modernization efforts related to product displays. Blending technology and design, the stores offer consumers and professionals more than 3,000 innovative, environmently friendly and functional products.