San Antonio, Tx --LaticreteSupercap, LLC, manufacturer of the Laticrete Supercap System,recently announced the delivery of a new Supercap Mobile Blending Unit (SMBU) to Intertech Flooring, a leading provider of commercial flooring products and services throughout Texas and the Southwest.

"This is very exciting," stated Clint Schramm, Intertech's Vice President of Marketing. "Our Pump Truck was delivered to us on Friday, May 17th, and just one week later, on May 24th, we already had our first "pour" of 35,000 square feet, which took place at University Health Service's Hospital Tower in San Antonio, TX. We know there will be more to come."

According to John Sacco, Managing Director of Laticrete Supercap, "The combination of Intertech's new SMBU and Integrated Chiller will allow them to pump on days where temperature previously prevented them from pouring. This is just another example of how the 'Power of the Pump' can benefit a project."