Durock EcoCap™ is the industry’s first self-leveling underlayment that offers a significant reduction in several environmental impacts, reports USG. Utilizing an all new proprietary geopolymer technology, EcoCap reduces carbon footprint by 50% and reduces embodied energy by 45% when compared to Portland cement-based or calcium aluminate cement-basedunderlayment products.Durock EcoCap  Self-Leveling Underlayment by USG

The underlayment’s low surface pH enhances compatibility and durability of floor-covering adhesives used in flooring applications. Achieving compressive strengths of 4,500 psi, EcoCap™ features fast-drying and quick-setting properties, allowing foot traffic within two hours and installation of moisture insensitive tile within four hours. Other floor covering products can be installed after 16 hours.

Overall, the 75% recycled content in the cementitious binder, low embodied energy and low carbon footprint make this underlayment a highly environmentally sustainable product. Additionally, EcoCap  may assist in obtaining LEED credits 4.1, 4.2, 5.1 and 5.2.