Harmony by Marazzi USA is an exotic wood-lookporcelain, featuring bold slashes of colored grain lines that immediately draw attention and exude design passion. The rectified 6- x 36- and 9- x 36-inch sizes further emphasize the linearity of the design. Although the face of the tile is very flat, subtle natural graining is apparent — compliments of Marazzi’s ever-evolving 3D digital imaging. Harmony by Marazzi USA

Three modern shades of brown — plus one of white — bring a fully functional palette to Harmony. Chord (black/cherry), Note (gray brown) (pictured), Pitch (red brown) and Tone (white) can be used individually or together to produce a personal design opus.

Harmony looks like wood but performs better, according to its manufacturer. Porcelain is impervious and withstands water as well as freezing conditions when most woods cannot. The material can be used outdoors — even with temperature extremes there is no peeling, fading or cracking. (This collection would be ideal for ventilated wall systems). Additionally, Harmony can be used for showers, bathrooms and saunas — extreme heat and moisture won’t affect it. Outdoor living areas, walkways and pool decks are okay — freeze-thaw conditions won’t result in spalling or cracking.

21% recycled content plus no VOC emissions align with low life cycle costs, a hygienic surface and domestic availability to position Harmony as a highly desirable choice for modern families as well as architects and designers, according to Marazzi.