SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- In 2006, Levantina, a leading company in the extraction, processing and sales of natural stone, entered the ceramic sector. It equipped all of its facilities with the most advanced technology to manufacture Techlam®, and became the first company in Spain to produce a large-format, slim ceramic tile.TECHLAM® TRAINING COURSE

In recent years, Techlam has established itself as an ideal solution for flooring and paving, internal and external wall covering and other construction elements. Its versatility in terms of size, ability to work with other materials and its technical properties of durability, hygiene and flexibility, make this a versatile product which can be used in many applications.

Its acceptance as a building solution is guaranteed by the successful execution of large-scale international projects where Techlam has been used for flooring and paving and internal and external wall-covering. Thanks to the commercial alliance with Marmotech of the Dominican Republic -- one of the most well-known distributors of natural stone and other surfaces in the Caribbean -- this reputation has reached Central America.

As a result of this alliance, a team from Levantina travelled to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic at the beginning of November to give a complete training course on Techlam. The first part of the course was aimed at Marmotech's sales force and was intended to give them an opportunity to get to know first-hand the competitive advantages of Techlam compared to conventional ceramic materials. The sales seminar was led by J.A. Marcos and Jose Manuel Dapena, both Levantina Area Managers, who highlighted all the characteristics of the slim ceramic tile. This first session allowed the Marmotech team to hear the selling points of Techlam and so increase their knowledge.

The second part of the course was a technical demonstration of how to handle and install Techlam, which was aimed at local installers. In this part, there was a practical presentation led by Vicente Férez, an accredited Techlam installer, who demonstrated how to handle and install the ceramic tile. The large audience of installers agreed that the large format and thinness of Techlam make it easy to install -- saving time and money in both new-build and refurbishing projects.

This course on Techlam completes the training cycle that Levantina has given this year at Marmotech, beginning in June with product training on Crema Marfil, its new flexible length and 120- x 120-cm formats. Levantina is confident that this training will strengthen the commercial relationship with Marmotech and will enable it to confront new commercial challenges in the Dominican Republic.