MapeiFlexcolor CQ is a professional-class, ready-to-usegrout  that is formulated for use in commercial as well as residential interior/exterior floors and walls. There is no need to add water or to mix, and no sealer is required. Stain resistance and chemical resistance are superior attributes of Mapei Flexcolor CQ, reports the manufacturer.Flexcolorâ?¢ CQ  by Mapei

Mapei Flexcolor CQ represents a "next-generation" grout that has been designed to provide uncompromised cleanability while maintaining color consistency. It cures to a hard finish that allows light foot traffic in just 24 hours, with heavy foot traffic acceptable in two to three days.  The abrasion resistance of Mapei Flexcolor CQ is rated as the highest performer on the market in this category of grouts. Available in packaging sizes of 1 and 2 U.S. gals. (3.79 and 7.57 L), Mapei Flexcolor CQ comes in 26 designer colors.