Alpha Professional Tools’ Alpha® PVA VP polishing discis a versatile, high-speed, dry polishing system used for stones, woods and metals. Fast working and long lasting, the disc is easy to use and works well on most common high-speed angle grinders, sanders and polishers. It also works great for paint, rust and coating removal, as the disc will not clog. The disc is formulated with a silicon carbide abrasive and a polyvinyl alcohol bond that is color-coded for easy operation and is available with a straight 7/8-inch arbor or a 5/8- to 11-inch disposable zinc hub.

Implementing new technology designed to achieve the cleanest possible cut on the hardest of porcelain slab/tile, Continental D.I.A. Diamond Products, Inc.’s new Terminator NanoCut.DK Fine Turbo Blade uses a mesh segment design and 1.6 mm thickness to yield a razor-like cut, accompanied by the stability to avoid unnecessary vibration. When using this fully dry cutting blade properly, you will discover that heat is easily dissipated, leaving the blade cool for the following cut. The NanoCut.DK is Cosentino Dekton Approved.

Custom® Building Products’ SuperiorBilt® Premium Notch Trowel is a specially designed trowel that is engineered to provide better contact when applying mortars used underneath large-format tile (LFT). The new trowel is designed with a patented notch pattern that delivers up to 50% improved mortar coverage over regular square-notch trowels. The trowel’s teeth are set at varying heights to create ridges that collapse evenly and ensure fuller coverage of the mortar underneath LFT, avoiding hollow spots and ensuring adequate bonding of the tile. The trowels are available in three sizes and also feature Custom’s SoftGrip™ handle.

Diamex has introduced a new way to cut NeoLith and other hard porcelain slabs. The Cyclone Mesh Turbo Porcelain blade features a mesh rim design, which ensures a fast cut with minimal chipping. This blade’s key feature is that it can make a perfect chip-free miter cut on a bridge saw at normal slab cutting speeds. This blade is available from 4 to 16 inches. Search Cyclone by Diamax on for more information.

Beast Porcelain Tile Blades by Lackmond incorporate the most advanced blade manufacturing technology. Lackmond’s primary focus is providing a blade that cuts through the hardest porcelains available without chipping the finished edge. The end result is a fast-cutting porcelain blade capable of working in every porcelain application you may encounter in the field. The Beast by Lackmond porcelain series incorporates a thin kerf cutting edge to ensure clean, fast cutting while minimizing chipping. The reinforced silent core hub design guarantees straight cuts and greatly reduces noise.

The MK-EZ Profiler by MK Diamond Products, Inc. is designed for initial shaping of tile, granite, marble and stone. It’s highly portable and designed to provide fabrication quality performance on any jobsite. Convenient access to the arbor shaft makes for easy profile tool changes. The adjustable head allows profiling up to 1 1/4 inches thick. The powerful, high-torque motor offers 1-1/4 horsepower. Built with a heavy-duty reinforced steel frame, the MK-EZ is designed to ensure superior performance. It includes a water pump, a 3/8-inch radius and half bullnose diamond profile bit.

The Tuscan SeamClip™ by Pearl Abrasive is the world’s first one-piece tile edge leveling system that virtually eliminates lippage on a variety of gauged tiles. Made in the U.S. from recyclable material, the Seamclip’s innovative design can assist in floor and wall installations by dramatically reducing settling caused by shrinkage. It is easy-to-use, as it interlocks the tile creating a single slab surface while reducing the need to re-lift and re-set the tiles; thus, greatly increasing the speed of installation. No tools are required and it’s easy to remove.

The Proleveling System by Progress Profiles is an innovative, patented leveling system made of two elements: Leveler/Spacers and Universal Cap/Pommel. Levelers/Spacers come in four sizes (1/16-, 3/32-, 1/8- and 3/16-inch) and three shapes (linear, cross and t-shaped). The systems are designed to ensure spacing and leveling of adjoining floor tiles. A threaded stem is attached to the base to allow easy and continuous adjustment by turning the cap during installation. Removal of the cap and stem after the materials are set is made easy with strategically placed breakage points.

Save time by using the QEP 70010Q Microfiber Sponge & Shine since it virtually eliminates grout haze during the early stages of grouting. This professional hydrophiliated grout sponge on one side and scrubbing sponge on the other creates dual usage. This durable sponge has a high capacity for holding water with a microfiber top and rounded edges to minimize “digging out” or marring of grout. Designed to clean up grout, apply sealer and polish tile, it also works great for washing and polishing cars, boats, countertops and furniture.

The “Rockin Roller” by Russo Trading Co. (RTC products) is a grout washing bucket that helps achieve maximum results with full uniform grout joints from one tile to the next. It wipes floors clean in one pass, with less haze on final cleaning, and leaves your hands dry and mess-free. The Rockin Roller includes a sponge and handle as well as ribbed rollers for maximum water extraction. Rollers are pitched to keep water in the bucket, which helps use 1/3 less water on jobsites. There are numerous sponge sizes and styles available.