Tucked away high in the Colorado ski country are dozens of elite locations, well known by the jet set.Mediterranea's Lodge Series

Offering a roaring fire inside and deep freshly fallen snow just outside the door, these hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and resorts offer the warm ambiance we all associate with the perfect getaway cabin, constructed out of premium wood harvested decades ago in Vail and Aspen during the construction of Colorado’s now-famous ski runs.

Today, Mediterranea has created a look to perfectly replicate the rich wood surfaces found in these ski lodges that populate the Rockies.

Mediterranea’s new "Lodge" series is manufactured in a groundbreaking 9- x 36-inch format especially suited to highlight the nuanced features found only in wood planks that have stood the test of time in this exclusive environment.

Surviving decades of freeze and thaw, hammer and nail, this type of wood has characteristics like no other, all the while maintaining its distinctive and bold coloration. Mediterranea has used its exclusive Dynamic HD Imaging design process to manufacture Lodge in the Tobacco (Brown) color, offering deep, rich tones that superbly mirror the actual wood planks found in these exclusive resorts.

Lodge is a designer’s dream -- suitable for any residential or commercial project. Take off your shoes, get close to the fire and pour a hot chocolate. Lodge by Mediterranea is the only other element you need to bring the Colorado ski country to your doorstep.