MCP Supply is a supplier of the 10-inch Edgetite™ Spike. These paver edging spikes, invented by Jeff Goodman, are designed to be installed into hardscape projects that follow industry standards, and solve the shifting paver problem and separation issues.

At MCP Supply, customers come first. The redesigned website provides customers with news and information about the company, videos and illustrations on how to install Edgetite™ paver edging spikes, online ordering and order tracking, guest checkout, the option to create an account, several methods to contact the company and much more.

The new website helps customers navigate more easily, including quick links to visit the company’s social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Edgetite™ spikes improve hardscape project quality and are frost-resistant. The patent pending paver edging spikes weigh 45% less than traditional spikes and are easier for contractors to transport because of the reduced weight.

MCP Supply is a successful technology and sourcing company that focuses on innovative products that make a difference by improving the construction industry wherever possible. Learn more about the Edgeite™ spike by visiting