Most people may agree that ease of access and safety concerns are normally major considerations when installing commercially rated Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lifts. However, Butler Mobility Products (BMP) knows that to continue setting the industry standard, municipalities, school districts, universities and companies expect much more. There needs to be advanced technology design, qualified installations and excellent customer service for the long term.

In a recent interview, the Vice President of Sales was asked what is at the heart of BMP's success in the wheelchair lift industry, to which the VP eagerly stated, "We're not simply a sales organization pushing sales of a product. We are a fully integrated company with intimate control on quality throughout the entire process.

"The organization that buys our products is not the only customer in this experience," he went on to say. "We're passionate about focusing on those customers in the wheelchairs as well and what their experience should be when using our products, especially as it relates to safety, independence and ease of use." The company's services goes even further by helping organizations and individuals seek government financial assistance when needed.

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