CASTELLÓN,SPAIN -- TheSize, parent company of award-winning sintered compact surfacing product Neolith, has launched GranITH: a collection of 11 exotic and exclusive natural granites for commercial and residential countertop, flooring and wall cladding use. GranITH is the latest innovation from the Spain-based hard surface manufacturing company and is result of customer demand for his high quality products.

Each model of GranITH is composed of granites carefully selected from exhaustively-controlled quarries located in Angola, Brazil and Zimbabwe. From extraction to distribution, GranITH is produced within a carefully managed value chain process that maintains strict sustainability and resource protection controls in an effort to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

"Granite is an ageless surfacing option; it evokes tradition, in a sense," said Jesús Esteve, president and CEO of TheSize. "Inherently imperfect and complex in its design, each slab of granite is unique, making GranITH the ideal collection for professionals and consumers alike looking for a contemporary-yet-timeless on-trend look."

The collection comes in 11 vibrant, rich colors: Nero Kariba, Nero Infinito, Habana, Mare, Tramonto, Torroncino, Dark Pearl, Brown Amber, Verde Floresta,Sahara Winds and Bianco Macchiato. All are available in a polished finish. Brown Amber is also available in a satin finish.

"TheSize now has options for everyone, which was always our goal," said Esteve. "Neolith is ideal for modernists who desire the latest in durable, high-tech stone surfacing, while GranITH appeals to those who value the rustic beauty of natural stone. Together, they are the perfect complements to the growing hard surfacing industry."

GranITH products will be available in December 2014 in North America and worldwide through a large network of distributors. For a location near you, or to learn more about the company and its products, visit