ALIQUIPPA, PA -- Ardex Academy Technical Training, recognized as the best in the flooring and construction industries, is offering classroom and hands-on product installation training at eight locations throughout North America. Participants will learn proper substrate preparation and the newest installation techniques.

Sessions for Spanish-speaking attendees are currently offered at the Mansfield, TX location.

Class size is limited to provide maximum participant experience so class availability will change. The most current schedule is posted at; click on the "Ardex Academy" link.

The following classes scheduled through 2014 are currently open for registration:

Ardex Designer Floors™

Anaheim, CA              October 16

Portland, OR               November 6

Delta, BC                    November 19

Stockton, CA              December 3


Ardex Polished Concrete Systems™

Delta, BC                    November 20

Stockton, CA              December 4


ARDIFLO™ AMP® 200 4-hour Pump Training

Aliquippa, PA             November 20


Ardex MC™ Moisture Control Systems

Aliquippa, PA             October 8

Mississauga, ON         October 14

Anaheim, CA              October 15

Stockton, CA              October 29

Portland, OR               November 5

Mansfield, TX             November 11 (Spanish)

Delta, BC                    November 18

Mississauga, ON         November 18

Aliquippa, PA             November 19

Mansfield, TX             December 2

Portland, OR               December 2

Stockton, CA              December 2


Ardex Tile & Stone Installation Systems

Mississauga, ON         October 7

Anaheim, CA              October 14

Mansfield, TX             October 14 (Spanish)

Portland, OR               November 4

Aliquippa, PA             October 16

Stockton, CA              October 28

Mansfield, TX             November 18 (Spanish)

Portland, OR               November 18

Mississauga, ON         December 2

Aliquippa, PA             December 9


Ardex Underlayments & Toppings

Mississauga, ON         October 1

Mississauga, ON         October 15

Stockton, CA              October 30

Aliquippa, PA             November 17 & 18

Mississauga, ON         November 19

Mansfield, TX             December 3 & 4 (Spanish)


Engineered Concrete Repair Systems

Mississauga, ON         October 8

Mississauga, ON         October 9

Mansfield, TX             November 4 & 5 (Spanish)    



Aliquippa, PA             October 6 & 7

Mansfield, TX             November 12 & 13 (Spanis