CROSSVILLE, TN -- Crossville Inc. has announced the introduction of "Yin + Yang," a collection of natural stone tile inspired by the allure and balance of Eastern art. The line comes in a range of versatile looks carefully blended to maximize the beauty of true stone while providing harmony and elegance to design.Yin + Yang tile collection

"Yin + Yang represents the beauty that happens when opposite elements come together," said Lindsey Waldrep, vice president of marketing for Crossville. "This unique collection has contrasting colors, an abundance of sizes, shapes and decorative touches. When these elements join forces, the resulting designs are on trend and modern yet also timeless and classic."

Yin + Yang's art of balance is manifest in its mix of colors and size options. The collection is offered in eight stone shades: Snow Flower, Moon Gate, Black Dragon, Tea Garden, Silk Fan, Bonsai, Lotus Blossom and Koi Pond. Versatile sizes, including .5- x .5-inch mosaic, .5- x 1.5-inch stacked mosaic, herringbone, elongated hex, 1.5- x 7.75-inch brick, 3- x 12-inch plank, and linear mosaic, invite creation of custom patterns and looks. Product specifiers may select between natural or polished finishes.

"This is a sophisticated return to natural design elements -- with nearly endless ways to create beautifully balanced spaces," said Waldrep.

Yin + Yang is recommended for interior and exterior walls and interior floors in commercial or residential settings. For more information, visit