HAMILTON, OH -- Fin Pan, Inc. is proud to announce its 40th anniversary as an innovative manufacturer of ceramic tile underlayment products for the tile industry. Fin Pan specializes in concrete and waterproof backer boards, PreFormed® ready-to-tile shower pans, niches, seats and more. In 1974, Fin Pan patented the first continuous cement backer board production line that revolutionized tile installations for years to come.

Over the years, Fin Pan has become an industry leader in providing solutions to the tile industry that have improved performance in wet areas and made installations easier for the installer. "Over the years we have continually challenged ourselves to assess the industry and develop new products that help improve tile installations and keep us growing as well," said company founder Theodore E. Clear.

Fin Pan's latest invention, the ClearPath Curbless Shower Pan System, is a unique innovation that allows for a barrier-free shower pan to be constructed on top of floor joists. Traditionally, contractors have been faced with making structural modifications to existing floor joists. From fashion-to-function, barrier-free designs are growing in popularity here in the states.

Fin Pan's 40th anniversary will be commemorated with a variety of promotions throughout the coming year with its customers. "Our continued growth and prosperity is much attributed to our loyal customers who have stayed the course with Fin Pan through both the good and lean years," said company president Lisa Schaffer.  "We wish to acknowledge and thank all of our customers as we look forward to building upon those relationships for many years to come."