LUXE Linear Drainsbuilt its reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural-grade, 100% stainless steel linear channel drains for stylish custom showers, and has announced the launch of a new, innovative line of fully hand-polished, ultra-sleek knife slots for elegant, modern kitchen design. Directly inlaid for any counter surface, the LUXE Polished Stainless Steel Knife Slot provides unique appeal, function and efficiency, while complimenting all traditional countertop materials including marble, granite, concrete, quartz, soapstone, solid surface, tile and more.

LUXE Linear Drains

Easy to clean and maintain, knife slots from LUXE Linear Drains are produced using stainless steel from a renewable source, adding environmentally-friendly to the list of benefits this new product line can provide. This silver line of knife slots make it possible to maximize the use of your counter space, while reducing the time spent sifting through every silverware drawer in your kitchen. Instead, every knife one might need for cooking, serving or hosting is easily accessible and always in the same place.

LUXE Linear Drains offers these polished stainless steel knife slots in three standard lengths --14, 18 and 22 inches. And the new LUXE Polished Stainless Steel Knife Slot collection can be made available in custom sizes for interior countertops, and are perfect for any grill station and all outdoor kitchen spaces.

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