BETHANY, CT -- Laticrete, a manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, announced the introduction of Permacolor® Select, the industry's first dispersible pigment grout solution with the largest, most consistent color range on the market in a cementitious system. In addition to offering industry-leading performance, Permacolor Select is the first product to innovate the business and logistics of grout, providing specific benefits to distributors and contractors alike.

Permacolor Select comes in two parts: a Color Kit and the highly-engineered Permacolor Select Base powder. The process of preparing the grout begins with the Color Kit's dispersible pigment packets. When added to water, these packets dissolve like laundry or dishwasher packets. When the neutrally-colored Permacolor Select Base is added to the pigment-water mix, a color-consistent grout is formed that does not require sealing.

Permacolor Select Color Kits come in the widest color selection on the market, including all 40 existing Laticrete grout color options as well as the top selling competitor colors. The base powder comes in 12.5 and 25 pound options.

“Permacolor Select builds on the Laticrete tradition of innovation and is designed for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations offering optimum performance on the most demanding exteriors or interior applications," said Sean Boyle, Director of Marketing and Product Management. "It is the most unique product offered by Laticrete and promises to save distributors and contractors time and money while providing industry-leading performance."

The benefits for distributors is unparalleled as Permacolor® Select is the first product to innovate the way grout is ordered, inventoried and sold -- resulting in distributors running their businesses more efficiently and much more profitably. Only two pallet spaces are needed for the Permacolor Select Base and one shelf for the Permacolor Select Color Kits. This saves dozens of pallet spaces in a warehouse by eliminating inventory of individual bags per each color stocked. The logistical innovations of Permacolor Select allows distributors to:

  • Reduce grout pallet space requirements by 80%, grout inventory value by 50% and increase turns by 100% -- Distributors need only carry only the inventory they require.
  • Expand color availability and options -- with Permacolor Select Color Kits, distributors can stock all 40 Laticrete colors plus the top selling competitor colors without the inventory dollar investment or space requirement.
  • Improve order pick time and accuracy -- picking and packing orders is easier with Permacolor Select. Warehouse personnel will not need to waste time searching for colors or move of bags and pallets.
  • Fulfill orders quickly and directly to customers -- if a distributor runs out of a particular color, Color Kits can be shipped directly customer through the Laticrete Rapid Fulfillment Center.

"Not only have we developed a tremendous new grout solution, we have combined it with an incredible rapid fulfillment commitment, great stocking program for our dealers and distributors, and an aggressive marketing campaign," said Boyle.

The benefits for contractors are also significant as Permacolor Select is fast setting and is suitable for joints 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch wide on floors or walls. It exceeds ANSI A118.7 and achieves ISO 13007-4 CG2FAW. Equipped with STONETECH® Sealer Technology, Permacolor Select offers enhanced stain resistance with no sealing required. It offers anti-microbial protection and vibrant consistent color that resists efflorescence. Permacolor Select is also reinforced with Kevlar® to resist cracks and shrinkage. The fast-setting grout is ready for foot traffic in 3 hours. GREENGUARD® certified, Permacolor Select is also low VOC. And, a lifetime warranty is available when used with other Laticrete products.

The logistical innovations of Permacolor Select also enhance the contractor’s business by:

  • Virtually eliminating batch-to-batch color variation -- the Permacolor Select advanced pigment technology is manufactured to tight standards and reduces variation between batches.
  • Reducing grout inventory value, waste and breakage -- contractors can carry only the inventory they need and greatly reduce grout breakage through less handling and moving of inventory.
  • Reducing grout pallet space requirements -- leftover stock from previous jobs is virtually eliminated with Permacolor Select.
  • Expanding color availability and options -- contractors can easily and inexpensively stock all 40 Laticrete colors plus the top selling competitor colors.