DALLAS, TX --Continuing its promise of providing the most unique and revolutionary products, Concept Surfaces is proud to introduce a new tile collection to its expanding inventory, Sangria. This striking, high-quality glass series is on-trend and features a variety of size, color and shape options.

Sangria is a back-painted glass series featuring 12 colors and three dynamic formats with endless design possibilities, allowing designers and architects to create the custom look they desire. Each installation can be tailored to fit any style and preference. Sangria’s range of color options provides a wide assortment of looks to match any design palette. This well-versed series is ideal for both residential and commercial applications and can be installed on accent walls and backsplashes in both interior and exterior spaces. Sangria's three multifunctional formats, which include a 2- x 12- inch cut, 2- x 12-inch and 3 /4- x 12-inch pencil mesh-mount mosaic, are conveniently manufactured with the same length so they can be used together in any application.

These formats create a contemporary and linear design and the decorative piece allows for a classic yet bold accent to any project. Concept Surfaces is the first to offer the unique Sangria cut piece, a versatile format that was created by Concept Surfaces exclusively for its clients. The cut piece can be used to create trending patterns, including popular herringbone and chevron designs.

"As we continue to develop new products each year, we do so with our clients in the forefront of our minds," said Geoffrey Gross, Concept Surfaces president and CEO. "The 2- x 12-inch cut piece was created in collaboration with our manufacturer with a focus on creating something innovative and different. Different is the way our clients thing, and we want to make sure we are constantly of the same mindset."