MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ -- Two all-new acrylic Loop & Friends bathtubs have been added to Villeroy & Boch's assortment for 2015. These new wellness tubs augment the company's existing Quaryl® options, greatly enhancing the selection available for luxury and cleanliness in personal bathrooms in the U.S.

Loop & Friends

Villeroy & Boch introduced two new freestanding wellness bathtubs, one square and one oval, as the newest additions to the collection Loop & Friends at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas this past January. These two-piece tubs are made from high-quality acrylic material, which boasts a smooth surface that is easy to care for and that also creates a strong visual appeal. Unique 3 1/2-inch edges surround these new bathtubs, serving as an optimal base for fixture installation or usability as easy-access shelving.

These two new wellness bathtubs provide a comfortable, hygienic and top-quality solution for an array of bathroom styles, and continue to set the standards for uncompromised quality, optimal user friendliness and timeless design.


Quaryl® is an innovative material that delivers the best in comfort, safety and cleanliness, creating an overall feeling of well-being in the bathroom.

This high-quality material possesses excellent insulation qualities, creating a warm-to-touch surface for matchlessly comfortable bathing. The smooth, pore-free surface is slip-resistance for optimal safety. This material feature also lends itself to unparalleled hygiene, as dirt and limescale do not find any hold on the impermeable surface. As an additional benefit, all of these qualities work together to create an eye-catching, glimmering shine that never fades.

Carefully selected pure-grade quartz crystals are finely ground and combined with high-quality acrylic resin to create Villeroy & Boch's innovative material, Quaryl®. Bathtubs in Villeroy & Boch's Aveo, Squaro, La Belle and Oberon collections are Quaryl®, providing both drop-in and freestanding options.