The Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT) program will be administering four unique certification field tests during this year's Coverings 2015 in Orlando, FL, which will be held from April 14-17, 2015.

Six highly professional installers will be scrutinized by thousands of attendees at Coverings, the leading tile and stone show in the U.S. Online written tests, which comprise 50% of the certification score, have already been completed leaving final field testing to take place over three days during the exposition. Two of these four certification tests were unveiled at the most recent Total Solutions Plus, which took place last October.

The first newly-introduced program, Thin Porcelain Tile (TPT), will instruct installers on proper handling, installation techniques, cutting and achieving maximum coverage of thin set materials, and choosing the proper application for the sizes and thicknesses.

The Grouting Applications Certification, the second program recently unveiled, will validate the knowledge and skills needed to successfully mix, apply, tool and detail, four different types of grouting -- narrow joints in ceramic wall tile with unsanded cementitious grout, pressed floor tile with sanded cement grout, thin brick with a sanded cementitious grout, and quarry tile with a matching base grouted with epoxy. Other ACT Certifications taking place at Coverings include: Large Format Tile and Substrate Preparation and Membranes.

With the addition of these two new certifications, ACT’'s curriculum now totals at seven. Others included, but not being administered at Coverings 2015, are Mortar (Mud) Floors, Mortar (Mud) Walls and Shower Receptors. Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the National Tile Contractors Association said, "We are determined to continue certifying hundreds of installers and educating architects and specifiers on the importance of insisting upon well-qualified installers through the ACT program."

Scott Carothers, Director of Certification and Training for the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation added, "The ACT program focuses on providing the consumer with a pool of talented installers who possess unique installation skills. These skills are now beginning to be included in specifications calling for Qualified Labor as provided by the MasterSpec. Architects, design professionals and specifiers are including this qualified labor language in their specifications which includes ACT-certified installers."

The ACT program was created through the combined efforts of six leading tile industry: the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF), International Masonry Institute (IMI), International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (IUBAC), National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Tile Contractors' Association of America (TCAA), and Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

The intent of the ACT certification program is to provide a level of consumer confidence for tile installation procedures that exceed ANSI standards and TCNA guidelines for floor and wall. ACT certified installers represent the pinnacle of performance in the tile trade and clearly maintain a level of excellence superior to non-ACT certified installers. Each certification addresses some of the industry's most challenging installations. The ACT is not a training program; rather, it is a structured evaluation platform that measures respective skills, knowledge and overall professionalism of tile installers.