During the ISH fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Treemme Rubinetterie presented the new version of 22MM line, which has been enriched with the mono command version.

The inspiration for the design of 22 MM--design by Ocostudio & Ing Castagnoli -- is born from the attempt to create simple shapes, which are easy to use and have a recognizable personality.

The distinctive trait of this new collection consists in a new technology that miniaturizes the technical parts. 22 MM is in fact the constant diameter for all parts of the tap, the dispenser and their controls.

This diameter ensures great aesthetic lightness, clean lines and flexibility meaning it can be inserted into many different types of washbasin. For the greatest technical and environmental reliability, the 22 MM collection has been created from Aisi 316L stainless steel. The controls, which have been made specially to make them easier to grip, can also be made from wood and Corian®.

Treemme Rubinetterie, a Siena-based company that has been in the market for more than 40 years, proposes collections ranging from traditional lines to the most innovative, maintaining the company's characteristics of high quality and impeccable service. The company still sources its materials from the usual suppliers to guarantee a 100% Made in Italy product.