Intrapresæ Collezione Guggenheim, a closely-knit group of companies whose commitment and passion has supported the Peggy Guggenheim Collection's exhibitions and activities since 1992, is delighted to have an invaluable new member. The Florim Group joins forces with Intrapresæ Collezione Guggenheim to highlight the company's desire to promote the deep bond linking art, innovation and beauty.

A leading producer of ceramic material for architecture and design for over 50 years, the Florim Group reinterprets technological innovation, combining aesthetics with research, territory with social responsibility and material quality with sustainable living, to create and market truly excellent products.

"The search for beauty is an integral part of humankind's genetic heritage," said company president Claudio Lucchese. "At Florim, this instinct for creativity fuses with the passion and skilled craftsmanship that enhance the value of man's work and allow us to obtain increasingly great results."

It is this approach that the Florim Group brings to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and which gives life to a new collaboration for the active support and promotion of an exceptionally fine artistic legacy, unique in the world of modern and contemporary art.

Intrapresæ Collezione Guggenheim, the first and best-known Italian scheme for the private-sector backing of a museum, was established in 1992 as a strategic partnership between the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of Venice and several companies which share a love of art and a belief in investing in culture. Art inspires Business. Business supports Art: the Intrapresæ tagline perfectly sums up the group's identity and the vision that accompanies its ongoing commitment to promoting creativity, innovation and enterprise to the benefit of culture. The group consists of outstanding Italian and international firms distinguished by their dedication to cultural initiatives and social responsibility; the museum guarantees them recognition and high-level visibility.

"Peggy Guggenheim was one of the twentieth century's most charismatic collectors, and a major promoter of the art of her own period," said museum director, Philip Rylands. "Today, her innovative, far-sighted and eclectic personality is an inspiration to the companies that have chosen to embrace her mission, be associated with her name and hence foster the enjoyment of art, now and in the future."

Today, the group consists of 20 Italian and international firms: Acqua di Parma, Aermec, Allegrini, Apice, Arclinea, Corriere della Sera, Distilleria Nardini, Florim, Campari Group, Hangar Design Group, Hausbrandt, the European Institute of Design, Mapei, MST-Gruppo Maccaferri, René Caovilla, Rubelli, Safilo Group, Stevanato Group, Swatch and Trend.

Florim today is a world leader in the production of ceramic surfaces for every building, architecture and interior design need. A long-standing vocation for research and technological innovation, and the high standard of professionalism of its employees, have characterized and distinguished the firm since its founding. Today, the group employs 1,300 staff members around the world, has a turnover of 330 million Euros and owns six “Made in Italy” brands (Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa Dolce Casa, Casamood and Slim/4+). A corporate strategy of quality and innovation, and an ever-attentive eye on economic, social and environmental sustainability, transform the celebrated values of “Made in Italy” into MADE IN FLORIM.