Now available worldwide for ventilated commercial and residential facade projects, TheSize introduces its proprietary all-in-one StrongFix slim surface cladding and hidden installation systems. Exclusively designed and developed by the Spain-based manufacturer and designer of Neolith, the world's largest architectural sintered compact surface material, StrongFix is the only system of its kind on today's market with an invisible installation profile for slim 6 mm (1/4-inch) panels. The system is tailored specifically for each installation, offering the complete package --the slab, anchoring system, cutting and assembling services, and architectural consulting -- all from a single source.

"In listening to customers' preferences and surveying the industry, we found a need to invest in research and development for a comprehensive system with easy, invisible installation for slim tiles," said Alvaro Palencia, architectural project manager, TheSize. "StrongFix not only fills that gap in the marketplace from a product standpoint, but also helps our customers avoid intermediaries along the chain, optimizing budgets and lead times."

TheSize's architectural department first consults with the project's architect to jointly customize and calculate the material needed. The selected Neolith slabs are then cut to measure and fitted with the hidden installation system before being shipped to the customer.

Vertical installation pieces are first anchored to the surface of the building. Metal brackets on the back of the lightweight Neolith slabs then hook on to the facade, making installation as simple as hanging pictures on a wall. Once installed, the system provides a sleek, invisible facade without unsightly lines where sealing caulk often gets dirty and discolored. The pieces can also easily be removed to access electrical systems and later replaced. The durability of Neolith panels ensures the pieces will not crack or splinter during maintenance or due to general wear.    

Combined with the unique mechanical installation, the design of the StrongFix system's Neolith panels ensures long-lasting resilience. Neolith's revolutionary sinterization process mimics the development of natural stone through high-pressure, high-temperature kilning. The slabs have a near-zero porosity, making them resistant to stains and graffiti. Neolith will also stand up to extreme weather conditions, including temperature swings, storms and sun exposure. To ensure the system meets and exceeds building industry codes and standards, StrongFix is also slated receive ICC-ES evaluation this summer.

Beyond durability, StrongFix allows architects design freedom, with Neolith slabs available in six collections with more than 30 colors and four finishes.

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