The Prestige Hotel is located in an historical building of Budapest and has just reopened after an important renovation that made it more fascinating and luxurious. Guests coming from all over the world can now find a place where they can relax, dine and work surrounded by any comfort.

This new amazing hotel could not come without the sophisticated and elegant Sicis mosaics that cover the walls and the floors like paintings making the ambiences really classy. Gold clouds are the background of the lobby and recreate a timeless elegance. The pattern belongs to the Orientale collection and recalls a theme really famous in the oriental cultures, such as the lotus flower, which is considered a lucky charm that brings serenity. The decorations are entirely handmade by mosaic masters that cut and place each single tessera to form precious motifs and patterns.

The floor of the main room that hosts the receptions is made with marble and presents inserts in glass mosaic forming an oval. The tesserae from Neoglass collection have a gold leaf on the surface.

The elegance of Cosmati collection decorates the entrance's corridor. The different souls of black and white marble are skillfully installed and evoke the paradigms of the classic of Roman marble makers, while the first floor walls are clad in the Orientale collection with white mosaics and the patterns that are created with gold leaf mosaic. Sicis Atelier gives enchantment to this place.