Finale Emilia, Emilia-Romagna -- Following the success of Auto-Leveling porcelain panels, ABK Group has now begun another revolution in the ceramic sector. Wall&Porcelain (W&P) is an innovative product that entirely transforms the world of interior ceramic wall tiles. A cutting-edge technology and a new material that challenges conventional tile classifications, it combines the advantages of porcelain with the key characteristics of double fired or monoporosa tiles while avoiding their respective limitations.

W&P can be used to produce large-format rectified ceramic panels that are light, easy to handle, thin and perfectly flat -- a feat that is not technically possible with the double firing or monoporosa process. This means the panels are easier to install, machine and cut compared to conventional porcelain. They are just as practical as classic wall tiles, and at the same time they are extremely durable and free from defects after installation.

W&P is extremely flexible and adapts readily to all surfaces while maintaining high mechanical strength. It is quick to install as it is a porous material and unlike conventional porcelain does not require back-buttering. It absorbs adhesive immediately and instantly forms a powerful bond with the substrate, thus reducing installation times.

W&P is very practical and easy to work with: it can be cut and drilled perfectly even when using non-professional tools. Unlike double fired tiles, it is not susceptible to the "delayed crazing" defect caused by gradual expansion, thus avoiding the problem of micro-cracking that may occur after a period of time. W&P is extremely reliable and attains similar levels of thermal and acoustic insulation to those of conventional ceramic tiles, thus ensuring a high degree of living comfort.

Made from a special body containing 50% high-quality recycled materials deriving from other processes, W&P is a LEED accredited eco-sustainable material. And the fact that it is dry rectified brings water and energy savings and allows for complete recovery of processing waste. Other important advantages include ease of handling, transport and storage.

Wall&Porcelain not only combines technical qualities and practicality of use, but also meets the needs of a new market segment located midway between large panels and the classic medium wall tile format. In this segment, W&Ptechnology is combined with high levels of design to create increasingly new and diversified offerings that follow the latest trends and can easily be coordinated with the floor tiles in the range. The tiles draw inspiration from a range of sources including wallpapers and textured and 3D surfaces and are suitable for many different applications, especially the design of all interior spaces.

Produced exclusively byABK Group, Wall&Porcelain was developed by the company's internal research department using cutting-edge technology.