MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat allows contractors to grout immediately after setting tiles and complete an entire backsplash, countertop or shower wall in just one day. This innovative tile adhesive eliminates the need for a 24-hour dry time required by thinset or mortar. Contractors can use MusselBound today and spend tomorrow on their next tiling project.

MusselBound permanently installs ceramic, stone, porcelain, glass, metal and mesh-backed mosaic tiles to kitchen and bathroom walls and countertops in just three easy steps: peel, set and grout. This easily-applied adhesive mat can be affixed directly to thoroughly cleaned and dry cement board, plywood, drywall, old tile and existing laminate. Unlike other products, MusselBound is a continuous sheet of adhesive that assures new tile remains secured to your project's substrate and has no minimum tile size restrictions.

MusselBound is not just sticky tape. Our unique adhesive mat utilizes a 5-second press with a grout float across its entire area to activate the mat's "permanent" adhesive bond. But, prior to activation, MusselBound's initial adhesion allows the mat and tile to be conveniently and easily repositioned to assure proper material alignment.

A fully waterproof adhesive barrier can also be achieved by sealing the Mat seams with our new MusselBound Seam Tape for tiled areas in direct contact with water, such as shower walls.

MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat and new MusselBound Waterproofing System Seam Tape are available in the Tile Department at Lowe's Home Improvement Centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Installation information about MusselBound products is available at and