Loxcreen Flooring Group introduces its new Prova® products. Prova Niche® is a pre-fabricated niche made of Prova Board® and can be used with Prova Mat® or Prova Board® panels when installing a tiled shower. Prova Niche® is a useful and stylish accessory that can be used to hold shampoo bottles, soap and all other necessities while keeping your tiled shower neat and tidy. Prova Niche® is available in two sizes: 16 x 16 and 24 x 16 inches with an adjustable shelf. When installed with other Prova® products, Prova Niche® is guaranteed to be watertight and protected from mold build-up.

Prova Universal Extension Kit® was designed to accommodate the continuously growing trend for larger and more luxurious shower stalls, steam showers and saunas. One can use multiple extension kits to expand shower bases to any desired size. The perforated corners allow for building a shower base with or without cuts depending on the desired size. One four-piece kit can expand a 4- x 4-foot base up to a 4- x 6-foot base and two kits allow for expansion up to a 6- x 6-foot base. Additionally, the size possibilities are endless when using multiple kits.