The growth of distressed-looking wood tiles is unquestionable within the tile industry. Italian design, coupled with digital technology, has transformed the ordinary plank tiles into elegance so it’s hard to tell whether or not it’s real wood flooring. With each season, the sophistication of design, combined with modern technology, take product lines to new depths.

To make the new series, Progressive Timber, incomparable, the utilization of contemporary styling and manufacturing processes like HD digital technology were used. The V4 shade variation and the 100 different faces found in each of the four rich tones only enhance its character. To go one step further, the collection features both 3- x 24- and 3- x 21-inch pre-cut chevron rectified plank sizes in stock. Both the square and the chevron edges support the authenticity of the progressive thinking behind the line. In addition, Progressive Timber carries a DCOF approved for both commercial and residential applications, and employs the use of recycled content. Two mosaics are also available, a traditional 2- x 2-inch format and a mini chevron pattern.