The Prodeso Heat Membrane is a polypropylene uncoupling crack isolation waterproofing membrane with rounded square-shaped reliefs. With its low-profile design — the height of the membrane is only 5.5 mm (1/4 inch) — Prodeso Heat is the perfect solution for remodelling projects where the new floor needs to transition over an existing surface. Moreover, thanks to its uncoupling and crack isolating properties, it is possible to install tile and floor heating over a variety of difficult substrates and to eliminate some of the otherwise necessary expansion joints.

The Prodeso Heat Cable can be installed only in the areas where heat is required, reducing the operating cost of the overall system while increasing the comfort and value of a home. Tiles are installed directly on top of the heating cable; the heat will transfer rapidly and efficiently to the above tile for instant comfort and enjoyment. The thermostat allows to program and control the floor heat cycles, optimizing comfort and minimizing operating costs. Unlike traditional water-based heating systems, Prodeso Heat requires no commissioning and is ready for use as soon as it’s installed; heat is transferred quickly and effectively to the floor, and is controlled according to the actual needs of each room.