I’ve had an exciting six months since joining TILE as group publisher last November. While I am no stranger to B2B trade media, my tile experience totals a two-year stint with Tile World back in the day with my good friend Alex Bachrach, many years ago. Since taking this job, I have traveled across the country and around the world, from Dalton, GA, all the way to China. It has been quite the educational experience.

While there is no shortcut to industry experience, the high standards, superior service and B2B media processes remain quite consistent across the industries. It’s really very simple. It’s our job to keep you, the reader, informed in a superior and timely manner. In my travels, I have seen firsthand many new and innovative products and services that represent a wide cross-section of tile industry companies and associations. Through these meetings, I have also come into close contact with the passion that drives the engine to all that is new and innovative in tile collections, as well as installation and maintenance products.

Our mission here at TILE is to inform you of these breakthrough opportunities. Additionally, we want to inspire you to take action and make positive changes such as reducing costs, increasing productivity and providing growth for your business. TILE brings together a community of professionals to explore industry trends, issues, products, technologies and best practices that enable you to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive local — and global — economy.

Here at BNP Media, the Architecture, Design & Construction Group is moving fast to address all of your design needs for all types of appli-cations. Last year, BNP Media acquired the semi-
nal Architectural Record and Engineering News-Record. Together with TILE, Stone World, Contemporary Stone & Tile Design, Floor Trends and Floor Covering Installer, these major additions to our family of brands provide further access to timely, relevant and educational information to help you do your job better, faster and more efficiently.

It is our job to serve you, the reader, by delivering content in the trusted and timely formats that you prefer. In today’s work environment, we strive every day to give you access and knowledge efficiently, based on your needs — not ours. So whether you prefer your content in print, online, mobile, video and/or email, we will help you stay ahead of the curve, because we really do have you covered with our professional and experienced staff.

Thanks for reading TILE.