DALLAS, TX — Laticrete® Supercap®, a leading manufacturer of premium self-leveling cements and commercial flooring products, recently announced that the company has partnered with Texas Motor Speedway® to install new high-tech floors in the speedway’s two garage areas and tech bays. Laticrete Supercap is now the “Official Garage Flooring System of Texas Motor Speedway.” The new racecar garage floors debuted from November 4 to 6, 2016, at the AAA Texas 500 NASCAR® tripleheader weekend.

The new floors, a first in NASCAR, cover 22,000 square feet and house 48 individual service bays, as well as the Technical Service Inspection Station where every team sends their racecar for an intensive inspection before racing. The Laticrete® System includes products designed specifically for commercial garages, warehouses and airplane hangars where performance is a factor because of elements like hot tires, hazardous fluids and the regular use of heavy equipment within the area.

“We are thrilled to have Laticrete install and finish our racecar garages and tech bays,” said Mat Stolley, Texas Motor Speedway vice president of operations. “The professional race teams appreciate a first-class facility and our fans can benefit from our track experience to upgrade their garage and high-tech service space.”

The Laticrete Supercap System combines our industry leading, patented pump truck technology and innovative products to deliver perfectly flat, dry floors up to 50,000 square feet a day, up to 50 stories high. For over a decade, Laticrete has delivered time-saving, cost-effective solutions that correct uneven concrete, reduce moisture vapor emissions and shorten build times. This system benefits the entire project from design to completion, including wear-surfaces — all backed by the industry leader in globally proven construction solutions.

For more information, visit www.laticretesupercap.com.