Cersaie will present “Cafè della Stampa” (Press Cafés) with a number of Italian publishing houses. These meetings will host conversations between experts and the press to explore current issues in design and architecture as related to ceramic and bathroom furnishings.

The events will not be structured like seminars or conferences, but rather as informal conversations between the editors and members of the A&D community. The conversations will touch on ceramic and bathroom furnishings, but in a different way from the other areas of Cersaie.

This year, the Press Cafés will be held in the Architecture Gallery (mezzanine between pavilions 21 and 22), along with the conference room where lectures with architects and designers will be held as part of the Buiding, Dwelling, Thinking program. The Press Cafés will be held in the Lounge, furnished with tables and chairs, with custom multimedia installations provided by the participating publishers.

For more information, visit www.cersaie.it.