Not long after the Xaar 1003 was launched, ceramic tile manufacturer, Cicogres, who had been using Xaar printheads for eight years, opted to upgrade its tile decoration machine in order to take advantage of the new machine’s improved print quality and uptime.

“When we upgraded we could very quickly see the improvements delivered by the Xaar 1003,” said Richard Baldayo, technical director at Cicogres. “You can really notice the improvements in print quality over the Xaar 1002. There’s a huge difference between the two printheads. Line speed has increased because we only need to do routine maintenance when the line is stopped for other reasons. In terms of performance, we see that this printhead is faster than previous printheads. And because we don’t need to adjust the printheads or clean them, production uptime has increased as well as print quality.”

The benefits seen by Cicogres are the result of a number of innovations introduced with the Xaar 1003, including XaarGuard, which provides mechanical protection to the nozzle to reduce the frequency of maintenance. Another improvement is the use of tuned actuator manufacturing, which ensures actuator performance in each printhead is optimized, which in turn achieves uniform print quality across all printheads in a print bar, and at different greyscale levels.

As with its predecessors, the Xaar 1003 family of printheads combines Xaar’s TF Technology with hybrid side shooter architecture so that ink is recirculated directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection at high flow rates. Ink is in constant circulation, preventing sedimentation and subsequent blocking of the nozzles when jetting.

The Xaar 1003C has also been designed to be backward compatible with the Xaar 1001C or 1002C printheads

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