Summertime is generally a period to relax and enjoy the outdoors and a vacation or two. But while our workload at TILE might slow up a bit, we are still devoted to putting together a magazine that is a source of information and ideas for our readers. In fact, the summer months are a perfect time for us to review what we have published so far and brainstorm new ways we can expand upon our content.

Recently, we held our media planning meeting to discuss what is in store for TILE in 2018. One of the most exciting developments for next year is the publication of two additional issues — making a total of eight for the year, as compared to six. Two more editions will allow us to cover more topics relevant to tile industry professionals such as yourselves, as well as providing space for a few new feature ideas we have in the works.

We also have plans to update our website,, with more online exclusives and videos. Look for us at industry events. You’ll be seeing us more and we want to hear what you have to say. Have a suggestion about something new you would like to see either in print or online, or have an idea of a project or topic for us to write about? Please don’t be shy. Let us know. Input from our readers is invaluable. As I mentioned earlier, we want to be a source for those in the tile industry and hearing what our readers think will assist us in achieving our goal.

This year, we launched our eNewsletter, TILE Edge, which is distributed every other month. We will continue to produce TILE Edge in 2018 and hope it is viewed as a useful tool for industry members.

Just as tile and tile-related products continue to advance to meet market demand, our publication continues to evolve. We want to stay on top to bring to you the latest innovations, as well as technical information and industry standards.

In this issue, we feature a report on tile trends, beginning on page 40. While it might not be a surprise neutrals remain a strong color choice among homeowners when it comes to their interior living spaces, it looks like blue, green — and even blush — are surfacing as popular choices — even if only for an accent. Shapes are being used playfully in secondary rooms such as laundry rooms and powder bathrooms.

When looking at what’s trending now, there really are subtle changes. It seems tile products are just being tweaked and bolder colors are seeping into designs. That’s what we hope to achieve with TILE — making subtle changes and improvements that will help us evolve to the next level.