The fourth edition of the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award for innovative design in the Italian ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing sectors will be held during the 35th edition of Cersaie, International exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings in Bologna, Italy, Sept. 25 – 29. The award is organised in cooperation with ADI – Industrial Design Association as part of the cultural activities of the “Building, Dwelling, Thinking” program.

During the first few days of the show, a panel of experts consisting of Silvia Stanzani (designer), Oscar G. Colli (Co-founder of the magazine Il Bagno oggi e domani) and Carlo Branzaglia (chairman of ADI, Emilia Romagna Delegation) will appraise exhibited products in the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing segments and select those that have most successfully combined innovation with design excellence. The products chosen during these two days will be shortlisted for submission to the ADI Design Index 2018, an annual publication by the International Design Association ADI containing the best of Italian design put into production and selected by the ADI Permanent Design Monitor. This index covers all types of products and systems as well as theoretical, process, and company research in the field of design.

The presentation ceremony for the fourth edition of the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award will be held in the Milleluci event space in Hall 30 on Tuesday, Sept. 26. This space is inspired by the eponymous television variety show presented by Mina and Raffaella Carrà in 1974 and will be divided into ten thematic sets, each devoted to a specific cinematographic or theatrical genre, just as the original Milleluci consisted of eight episodes, each with a specific theme.

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