Following its expansion and consolidation plan in Asia, Sicis proudly unveiled a new showroom at the Macalline Furniture Mall in Shanghai, which is dedicated to its Home collection. The bright and sophisticated store, spanning over 300 square meters, is located on the ground floor of the European architectural-style luxury mall, which also houses the leading international names of high-end furniture.

Sicis’ space is designed with the goal of exhibiting the distinctive style of the brand interpreting the areas of the house as a comfortable place suitable for professionals, architects, interior designers but especially for private customers, where they can find some inspirations for their homes. The shop has four large exterior windows near one of the main entrances of the mall and one internal window, from which people can admire Sicis displays. The combination of materials and colors accentuate the contemporary elegance of the living rooms, the dining areas dominated by unique tables and the bedrooms of extreme high quality.

The furnishings is just one of the elements that make each ambience unique. The furnishings are combined with special limited-edition Sicis tapestries, boiserie in Vetrite or extraordinary textiles, artistic mosaic panels that are works of art, floors in Vetrite, marbles and other surfaces, mirrors with details in precious gold or silver mosaics and lamps in Murano glass.

The harmony, beauty and uniqueness are the goals pursued by the designers of the Maison, a linearity perceived passing from one room to another, a succession of surprising details in perfect balance, in an unmistakable style with an oriental influence. Sicis Home values are highlighted, by the manufacturing know-how, the technological innovation, the experimentation of new materials and the extraordinary ability to wisely balance all these elements in a seductive way.